VORONIN A man of mystery, with a magic all his own, and the elegance and polish of bygone age. He has a uniquely powerful and mesmeric presence, the looks and charisma of a matinée idol, combined with a complete mastery of legerdemain and illusion. He is one the greatest exponents of his art today. Which is why he is known wherever he goes, quite simply, as “The Master”.
Teatro ZinZanni is a bewitching evening of European cabaret and cirque, divas and madmen, spectacle and sensuality with live music and a gourmet five-course dinner – set in the nightclub of your dreams!

SuccoMediaMaestro Voronin doesn't utter a line, but you can't take your eyes off him. When Voronin arrives with a strange and wonderful trunk, mysterious things begin to happen. Yevgeniy Voronin has built his reputation as a world-class magician on a foundation of smoke and mirrors. So it's understandable that he's a little skittish about revealing all his secrets.

Svetlana Candle

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This talented Russian artist blends modern dance, magic and contortion to create a totally unique act. Trained in the ancient art of contortion from the age of nine, Svetlana studied at the Kiev State Circus School and has performed her remarkable “Candela” act at some of Europe’s most distinguished venues .

Svetlana a graceful and bewitching creature appears in the spotlight and twists, undulates, curves, and coils her lithe and supple body into the most amazing shapes and configurations.